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What’s NatuLang

Learn languages in an intuitive and effective way with the NatuLang mobile application. The NatuLang course combines images, text and sound in order to teach vocabulary terms and grammar rules. Application is designed to teach languages without translation.

Whole course is divided into four main sections: Vocabulary, Listening, Writing & Grammar which allow you to learn languages comprehensively. A combination of images, text and sound let to memorize words, structures in the way children learn their first language.

  • Natural way to learn language – learn language like a child learns their first language. Starting from simple and moving towards more complicated phrases, you are able to see progress immediately. Phrases are associated with each other so that you build your knowledge on something you have previously seen or heards.
  • Fully fledged course covering all basic aspects of the language: vocabulary, listening, grammar, writing
  • Share your results on Facebook and Twitter. Let your friends see how you are progressing and how far you managed to reach
  • No translations – learn by pictures and audio and reading phrases. Think in the target language, don’t use dictionaries or translators
  • One course level consists of almost 1600 pictures, over 1700 phrases, 220 lessons. Each picture has been carefully designed to illustrate the phrase
  • Easy to navigate – it’s a phone app, it’s simple and intuitive to use and go through the course


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